Our Product Design Process – Experiences before products

Alfredo JuarezAlfredo Juarez | December 05, 2019

Our Product Design Process – Experiences before products

We love how many companies have created a trend by being so transparent about themselves, culture, methods, product roadmaps, and, some of them, even their salary. We decided to follow the path of those great companies such as Buffer, by releasing our very own product design process. This is a well thought, user-centric, system of thinking we’ve been using, evolving and polishing over the years and it basically combines decades of experience and best practices.

“If you build software on top of a broken process, in the end, you’ll have a broken software.” — Aaron Levie, CEO Box.net

Building a product is an adventure. You never know how much time, money and resources it will take and whether it’s going to be successful or not. We have good news for you. We’ve navigated those waters before. In fact, we love to do it that much, we even created a process to help us along the journey. Want to learn more? Download the complete guide in PDF here.

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