White Paper

Experience before Products:
Our approach to Product Design

Over the past decade, we’ve designed a user-centric process to develop digital products that focus entirely on the user experience. In this new paper, Juvasoft shares its approach of a system of thinking to build digital products. Now, we know not all products are the same, however, when you implement our tested and proven practices, plus an aggressive goal setting, you get to increase your chances to success.

In this new guide, you’ll discover tips that can make all the difference in your product design process, including:

  • Why it’s crucial to start by the user experience and work backwards to the technology.
  • Understanding why you should understand the problem and its possible solutions before writing a line of code.
  • How to define (and understand) your target market and its user persona/s
  • Understanding if your solution is working (or not) early on the process, saves you tons of time and money.
  • How iterating and involving your customer on the Product Development phase pays off.
  • Most importantly: While, software development is more risk management than construction or craftsmanship, implementing a process can save your project.